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Giving Gifts May 9, 2013

Emma's Kitchen- Almost everything bought to make this...in advance!

Emma’s Kitchen- Almost everything bought to make this…      in advance!

At the Linkous house, we believe in gift giving. We’ve never been or felt convicted not to give, so we do. We don’t have a set limit of gifts (although we wouldn’t do 2,000 or something crazy) because we just haven’t found something that works for us. However, we set a budget for each holiday and how we’re going to spend it. I hope today helps you as you plan for buying for your kids.

*We buy 99% of Emma’s gifts in advance. We’re not on time people by nature but we are on time gift givers. For that matter, we shop way early. I bought part of Emma’s birthday gift for this year at a garage sale. Last September. We saw things at yard sales and Wee Cycle It that we knew we wanted so it didn’t make sense NOT to get it since we had the budget and it was super cheap. Also, when we have Wee Cycle It and don’t find what we’re looking for, we don’t have to rush out and buy it. We have time to shop yard sales and wait until the next sale because we are shopping that far in advance. It’s a total win.

*We buy the other 1% on sale. We don’t get everything in advance because sometimes we forget stuff and sometimes we can’t find it. It’s rare. So rare that I really think it’s only about 1%. There was one year that we bought one of those FisherPrice talking puppies that are normally over $20 for $3. Did we love it? No. I was not a big fan of that thing. We have it in the Wee Cycle plan and will probably make more than we even spent on it. Another win!

*We commit to the budget. We don’t go over what we’ve budgeted and we’re pretty strict on that one. It’s the only way to keep things set and make sure we don’t go too far overboard. If we have extra, we usually put it towards the gift budget for the next holiday, that way we’re closer there and don’t have to budget it for then. We’re been able to get some amazing deals by sticking to the budget and not just buying something for any price we find.

So, what are some of our favorite gifts and the deals we’ve found? Well, let me tell you!

*Dirt devil vacuum cleaner. Emma fell in love with Annie’s vacuum when she went over to play and sure enough, it was the exact same one we got it! We got this steal for only $3 at a local yard sale!

Whiteboard Side

Whiteboard Side

Chalkboard Side

Chalkboard Side


*Crayola chalkboard/dry erase board. We found several of these back at the day after Thanksgiving sales and were so glad we got ours at a yard sale instead. This will be part of Emma’s birthday gift this year (yes, we got it last summer). They normally run for $50 or more and we got ours for…drum roll…$5!

*Melissa & Doug puzzles & abacus. We were really excited about finding these deals at Wee Cycle It this year. We are big wooden toy fans and especially the Melissa and Doug brand. Several of Emma’s wooden toys are this brand (maybe 99% again). Anyways, we were able to get 2 puzzles and an abacus for right at $5. Normally, those would have been over $20 or $30. Not bad at all!

What are some of your favorite gifts you’ve got for your kids?


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