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Husband Fashion- Fashion Friday Series May 10, 2013

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned about men and fashion, it’s this: men have their own fashion just like women do. It’s hard to believe sometimes, but yes, men DO have fashion. Just because it’s different than ours doesn’t mean it’s not fashion. Today, I want to share how to support your husband in his fashion.

*Allow your husband to shop for himself. I really cannot stand it when a man doesn’t ever pick out anything he wears. Now, there’s a difference between buying clothes for your husband because he wants you to and shopping for your husband because you don’t like what he likes. I try to think about how I’d feel if the shoe was on the other foot. Would you want your husband picking out your wardrobe? I’m saying men don’t have bad taste, but I am saying it’s more than likely different than yours, just like yours is different than his.

*Allow your husband to have his own style and not feel bad for it. Seriously. You’re husband shouldn’t feel like every time he comes in with his clothes on that he’s going to be given a hard time for it. The great thing about supporting your husband here is that when he knows that you support him, he will more than likely ask for your advice on what he’s wearing. This would be the moments that it would be ok to interject and offer your opinion.

*Know when and how to speak up. At our house, JR wears pretty much whatever he wants and he really doesn’t have bad style. I like pretty much everything he wears. At the same time, I really like for us to look pulled together and have a certain style for family pictures and important events. At this time, we work together picking out what we’re ALL going to wear. That’s right, JR can vote on my outfit and I can vote on his. Most of the time he’s good me picking whatever but it’s always open for discussion.

*Be fair with your clothing budget. More than likely, your husband will run a smaller budget on clothing. In the same regard, keep in mind when you go and spend money on clothes and your husband asks for a new shirt, be generous. Consider buying less for you so you can buy more for him. Every once in awhile, we find a good sale and I make a point to take JR shopping so he can pick out some new things. He really likes to get new clothes but rarely, if ever, asks for them. Even more reason to bless him.

So here are some tips from me about hubby fashion. What tips do you have?


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