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A Lesson in Grace May 14, 2013

Photo by Thomas G 1971

Photo by Thomas G 1971

For those of you who know me, you probably know very well that I am stubborn. Along with my stubbornness is a lack of mercy, quite possibly even a lack of grace. Please don’t get me wrong- I love people and am quick to forgive in almost any and all situations. What I can’t seem to get past , what seems to always hold me back every time, is my inability to show mercy in a situation. Today, I think my eyes were opened a little wider than before and have let in more room for mercy and grace than ever before.

In most situations, whether things happen by accident or not, I’m quick to call someone on the carpet. I don’t see much room for error. I’m a perfectionist by nature and along with that comes a lack of patience for anything less than that. I pride myself in being able to work my job at home and the office without faltering and expect nothing but 110% from myself and others. I would expect the same treatment for myself when I mess up. 110% and nothing less.

Today at work, I made a mistake. In all honesty, it was a pretty big one. It was an accidentally, non-intentional mistake. But still a big one. I thought for a quick and brief second before realizing what I had to do. It was time to humble myself. I began by working to fix my mistake and make the best of a yucky situation. Step two was going to my leadership and letting them know the mistake I made, despite the consequence. When I confessed my mistake, expecting the worst I would give myself, this is the response I got: “We’re a team. We rise together and we fall together. Don’t give it another thought”. Wow, what a huge amount of grace shown to me. I deserved to get a little more than that for my mistake. Sure, I’ve done a lot of good things and really LOVE my job, but a mistake is a mistake, right?

What an opportunity to look at the cross and see this example shown to me. Did I deserve grace? No, but I received it anyways. It was very convicting for me and reminded me that I need to show this same grace to others, even if it may not be deserved. Why? Because grace was shown to me first. Because of this grace, I should offer it in return. Let this be a constant lesson to me when JR forgets to pay a bill or Emma has her first fender bender- “we’re a team. We rise together and we fall together. Don’t give it another thought”.


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