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Movie Madness May 22, 2013

Photo from Eventbrite

Photo from Eventbrite

We love a good movie here at the Linkous house. I’m not too fond of going out and spending $20+ at the theater but I am all for spending $1 at Redbox for one every once in awhile. Here lately, we’ve been on a movie kick. It’s one of the main styles of date night that we do and fits into our budget. Today I wanted to share with you some recent released movies that I would recommend for you and your family.

The Impossible- This movie was amazing. I watched the interview with the mother being portrayed in this story and knew I wanted to see it as soon as it was available to rent. It definitely is emotional and has a few scary scenes it in (they’re in the middle of a tsunami) so I wouldn’t show it to children under 10. I also love that it’s based on a true story. Those kind of movies are almost always my favorite.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey- This movie is the prequel to the Lord of the Rings series. I have only seen 1 ½ of the movies following this one so I thought I would be pretty lost but I wasn’t. It really told a good story and as always, has a lot of good meaning throughout it as far as being a team, supporting others despite the cost, and more. I would recommend this one for no younger than 13. It’s a deep film that would difficult for a younger child to understand and there are scary parts in it as well.

Wreck it Ralph- This movie was adorable. I loved how it shows the redemptive quality in people and that we can change and become better. It’s light hearted and funny but also has some great meaning in it that your family can take away, even the parents. I would recommend this for ages 5 and above due to a few scenes that may scare preschoolers.

Les Miserables- You had to know this one would make the cut. It is beyond my favorite movie, possibly of all time. I’m a huge fan of the story in this movie and as you can tell by my other movie choices, I love the redemption stories that take place in them- especially this one. There is a lot of music in this one but I didn’t find it distracting. The actors definitely pull you into the story and it doesn’t seem like an almost 3 hour movie at all. I would recommend this for teenagers and above. The storyline would probably be too much for a younger child and without the typical fun and action in most kid movies, I have a feeling they would get bored.

Rise of the Guardians- I loved this movie. We took Emma to see this one at the theater and although she preferred climbing stairs, we really liked it. It told a great story about the typical make-belief characters we grow up believing in as children (Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and more). I would say it’s probably not appropriate for under 5 due to a few scary scenes.

Here Comes the Boom- I really enjoyed this movie. I thought it offered entertainment for almost any age and would probably be appropriate for all ages, too. It tells the story of a team of teachers and students who rally together to save their music arts program. It also comes with several well-known actors.

So there’s my list. What movies do you recommend?


2 Responses to “Movie Madness”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I loved all the movies I have seen on this list too!! I really need to check out Les Mes! As far as Disney movies go , I love, love, love the Princess and the Frog. The main character, Princess Tiana, is not you typical princess and is a very good influence on young girls. Oz the Great and Powerful is good too!

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