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Kid Fashion- Fashion Friday Series May 31, 2013


It’s Fashion Friday! For this week, I want to talk about something that we will all deal with at some point or another. Something that is inevitable for all parents. That moment when your child develops their own fashion. It seems like it happens in the blink of an eye. Before you know it, your child doesn’t want to wear what mommy picked out. They want to put on everything BUT what planned. In these moments, I want to share with you my advice on what to do when you encounter kid fashion for the first time and beyond, too.

My dad and me

My dad and me

I think there is a lot to say for a child who is ready to dress themselves. A child has reached the point that they can start making decisions for themselves. They also start sharing their own personalities and opinions and it shows in everything- including what they choose to wear. My advice to you, and the best advice that I can give myself, is to allow your child to embrace who they are. At this moment in their life, it’s the last time to tell them no. The last time to make them dress how you expect at all times. Granted, there will be times when there are exceptions and times they need to wear a certain outfit you’ve picked out for them, however, most times you can bend. Most times you can allow them a choice in the matter. I encourage you to allow your kids to learn to be themselves. If they can’t learn to be themselves with you at an early age, who will they learn to be themselves with later?

Emma being Emma

Emma being Emma

Here are the only exceptions I think apply to this rule:

  • When your child tries to dress themselves in a way that doesn’t honor themselves and/or God. This works as a perfect teaching opportunity for you and your child.
  • When you have something specific planned. For example, if you have family pictures and everyone has coordinating outfits. I would encourage you to allow your child the opportunity to work with you in deciding their outfit if they are old enough.
  • When your child is being defiant. If you’ve clearly told them to wear something and they say no or wear something else. There is a fine line between allowing them to be themselves and them being disobedient.

Today marks one year with Embracing Everything! I want to thank each of you for your support throughout this year- whether you’re new or you’ve been here the whole year. I’m grateful for you and look forward to being here for another year! Be sure to join me on Monday as I share our very first review and giveaway. See you there!



Jewelry- Fashion Friday Series May 24, 2013


A huge part of fashion, and one that I greatly enjoy, is jewelry. I have always been a fan of it, even at an early age. I remember dressing up in costume jewelry as well as some of my mom’s older pieces. I do the same with Emma. Train them up! Anyways, today I wanted to share some of my favorite places to get jewelry. Join me!

Forever 21- this my absolute favorite place to buy jewelry, especially when I’m wanting it versus saving up for it. You can go in with $20 and come out with 10 or more new pieces. I love that. It is costume jewelry and some pieces are more than others but in my experience it holds up well and resells well, too, at yard sales and consignment sales. They have a lot of unique pieces so keep that in mind.

Premier Jewelry- as some of you know, I use to sell Premier Jewelry. I still have a quite a few of my premier pieces from when I sold and a few from having shows since then. It really holds up well and they have a great return policy, too. This jewelry is more expensive but it holds up better than costume jewelry, too. If you’re interested in having a show and getting some of their jewelry for FREE, let me know and I can get you in touch with my premier mom, Melissa. She’s awesome!

Boutiques- whenever we pass a little boutique, whether local or out of town, I stop. Sometimes the stuff is way too overpriced but sometimes it’s perfect! Mom and I went to a store when we were on vacation last year and found some really cute jewelry for buy one, get one half off. We were excited to say the least! I also like stores that are local, like Vagabond Traders in Abingdon. They sell one of my favorite brands, Good Works. A portion of what you pay is going to charitable donations. I really love that!

Thrift Stores- whether it be a thrift store we find or a goodwill, I love to go through the jewelry they have available. Sometimes there is nothing I like but other times, there are a TON of things! I have been known to get myself jewelry there but also jewelry for Emma. It makes great play jewelry and I don’t feel bad with it being $1 or less!

Hand-Me-Downs- these may fall into my top place to get them. Anytime my mom, grandmother, or other relative gifts me something of theirs, it’s something I hold near and dear to my heart. Knowing that someone else has loved me enough to share what is theirs and trusts me enough to keep it makes me smile. Some of my favorite pieces of jewelry are those that were given to me.


A few tips:

*Long earrings make your face look slimmer because it elongates it. True fact!

*Having bracelets on BOTH hands make you look slimmer, too!  They’re in your expressive zone so any attention drawer there helps.

*The recommended amount of worn accessories is 6 and you’ve gone too far if you reach 11 (this includes all jewelry and scarves).

*You can mix together long and short necklaces to add more to your outfit. This is one of my favorite tips!

What is YOUR favorite place to get jewelry? What is your favorite piece of jewelry?


Summer Fashion- Fashion Friday Series May 17, 2013

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I’m going to be honest with you all here. Summer is my least favorite season. I know, I know- that’s crazy. I don’t HATE summer, I just don’t prefer extremely hot weather. On the other hand, I LOVE summer attire. Outside of boots, it’s one of my favorite styles of clothing. Today I want to share with you some of my favorite things to wear during the summer.

Photo by College Magazine

Photo by College Magazine

Sandals. I love sandals! I live in them from the moment Easter comes until Labor Day (or later). I prefer sandals that have some support to them versus cheap plastic ones. I had foot problems one year so I try to stick to ones that offer me support. My absolute favorites are my Rainbows and Tevas. I’ve heard of several good brands, these are just the ones I have and my personal favorites.

Shorts. I love to wear shorts. I cannot stand for my legs to be sticky from the heat and they often get that way with jeans. I’ve got almost all my shorts at consignment stores and GOOD brands. Early this spring I went to one in Gray and found two pairs of Chico shorts for $6. I was beyond excited. They are a longer style short (Bermuda I suppose) soc completely appropriate for work.

Photo by Dresses Style

Photo by Dresses Style

Dresses. I love dresses. They are definitely a comfortable solution to hot summer days. My favorite ones are the strapless dresses . They always have really cute and appropriate ones at Forever 21– for cheap! These are at the top of my list. I wear them with different covers so they remain appropriate for almost all situations. At the beach and other locations, no cover at all. It’s too stinkin’ hot!

These are my three favorite summer attire items that I get to wear this time of year. Going up to the attic is definitely a joyous occasion and I admit, I usually get a little sad having to back them up come fall.

What are your favorite items to wear during summer?


Husband Fashion- Fashion Friday Series May 10, 2013

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned about men and fashion, it’s this: men have their own fashion just like women do. It’s hard to believe sometimes, but yes, men DO have fashion. Just because it’s different than ours doesn’t mean it’s not fashion. Today, I want to share how to support your husband in his fashion.

*Allow your husband to shop for himself. I really cannot stand it when a man doesn’t ever pick out anything he wears. Now, there’s a difference between buying clothes for your husband because he wants you to and shopping for your husband because you don’t like what he likes. I try to think about how I’d feel if the shoe was on the other foot. Would you want your husband picking out your wardrobe? I’m saying men don’t have bad taste, but I am saying it’s more than likely different than yours, just like yours is different than his.

*Allow your husband to have his own style and not feel bad for it. Seriously. You’re husband shouldn’t feel like every time he comes in with his clothes on that he’s going to be given a hard time for it. The great thing about supporting your husband here is that when he knows that you support him, he will more than likely ask for your advice on what he’s wearing. This would be the moments that it would be ok to interject and offer your opinion.

*Know when and how to speak up. At our house, JR wears pretty much whatever he wants and he really doesn’t have bad style. I like pretty much everything he wears. At the same time, I really like for us to look pulled together and have a certain style for family pictures and important events. At this time, we work together picking out what we’re ALL going to wear. That’s right, JR can vote on my outfit and I can vote on his. Most of the time he’s good me picking whatever but it’s always open for discussion.

*Be fair with your clothing budget. More than likely, your husband will run a smaller budget on clothing. In the same regard, keep in mind when you go and spend money on clothes and your husband asks for a new shirt, be generous. Consider buying less for you so you can buy more for him. Every once in awhile, we find a good sale and I make a point to take JR shopping so he can pick out some new things. He really likes to get new clothes but rarely, if ever, asks for them. Even more reason to bless him.

So here are some tips from me about hubby fashion. What tips do you have?


Shoes, Shoes, and Shoes- Fashion Friday Series May 3, 2013

Photo by In Fashion Rehab

Photo by In Fashion Rehab

Welcome back to Fashion Friday! Today we have something wonderful to talk about today- SHOES! Yes, I love shoes of all kind and rarely find a pair that I don’t like. The only problem comes when you’re trying to decide which shoes to wear with what outfit. Today I want to help you figure it out. Let’s go!

Sandals. These are my absolute favorite summer shoes. They come in all shapes and zies and can be worn dressy or casual. You can get them for $1 or more than $50. The options are endless. The great thing about sandals is you can wear them with anything, depending on what they look like. I like to wear them with dresses in the summer because they seem to make them less dressy. You can modify your sandal to a wedge which is like a sandal with a heel included. Rainbows are my favorite sandal but Tevas are starting to become a close second.

Flats. I am a love-hate relationship with flats. I cannot stand the way they look on me with long pants, mainly jeans. I just don’t they look flattering on me where I’m so short. I will wear them with dresses, skirts, shorts, and short pants. My current favorite pair are my Toms. I love that I have cute shoes and they support a good cause. You can’t go wrong there! These are a good boot alternative during summer months.

Heels. I’ll be honest here: since I entered motherhood, heels have somewhat become a thing of the past. I’ve never been great at walking in them and felt like mommyhood took a toll of me and gave me an extra amount of clumsiness. If I wear heels, I prefer them to have support to help out. A couple times a year I’m caught in heels but they’re few and far between. The great thing about them is they can dress up an outfit in a huge way and they’re a good alternative for boots if you want a heel but not full leg coverage.

Boots. These are my favorite shoes EVER. Boots rock my face off. During the winter it is seriously all I wear. Sometimes I can’t believe how long I wear them and how many weeks go by that they are the only shoe I wear. Boots can be worn with ANYTHING. I have yet to find an outfit that I don’t wear with boots. Buy a pair, even if they’re cheap. Best. Shoe. Ever.

Active Wear Shoes. These can range from tennis shoes to hiking boots and more. I have a pair of Keens that I would put in this category. I really like them and bought Emma a pair that should fit her this fall just in time for us to go to Disneyworld. I don’t wear active shoes a whole lot, unless we’re going to be walking a lot or hiking. They’re just not my thing, however, they look great with most all pants, shorts, and capris.

There are many other types of shoes but these are definitely in my favorites. What is YOUR favorite type of shoe?


Fashionize Your Cloth Diapers- Fashion Friday Series April 12, 2013


Today for Fashion Friday I am going to share the ways you can fashionize cloth diapers. In case you didn’t know, I have fallen in love with the world of cloth diapers. A deep love that may have possibly gone a little on the obsessive side. But I digress. Today is about fashionizing them, not my obsession with them. I am going to share a few ways you can do cloth diapers and how we’re doing them here at the Linkous house.

Emma rockin' her butt fluff

Emma rockin’ her butt fluff

Wear them alone. There are a lot of diapers (including pocket diapers, all in ones, and diaper covers) that are cute as a button. We went with a lot of Kawaii brand diapers and also got some great steals on Blueberry covers. The reality is that these diapers don’t need anything over them at all. They are cute on their own and make a statement by themselves. I have put them with baby legs and a cute t-shirt, tunic, or dress and they work perfectly. Win!

Find diaper colors that work for you. This would go along with using the diaper itself to accessorize. Try to get colors you know you’ll use and will match other things that you have. We went for unisex pocket diapers and diaper covers. I don’t have one “girly” diaper at this point. If we did, I’d be ok with it, but I just figured these colors made her outfits more flexible with the diapers we had. My personal favorites are the ones that have a design on them that we can match with a solid top that blends well. Super cute!

My First "Stash" of Cloth Diapers

My First “Stash” of Cloth Diapers

Wear them with bloomers. If you’ve got a little girl, this is perfect. We have several bloomers that we got for dirt cheap or they came with other outfits that we use for multiples. They slide right over the diaper and over some extra protection from potential leaks. Please note that these are NOT waterproof so you still need your waterproof cover for your diapers.

Keep in mind that butt fluff adds extra inches to your child. It’s true. Emma usually wears 18-24 months clothing when she has butt fluff on her behind. When she was dealing with her yeast infection and wearing disposable, we went back to size 12-18 months. It’s crazy how it can add on the extra inches so keep that in mind if you make the switch or start out with your baby in cloth.

Our Giraffe Blueberry Cover

Our Giraffe Blueberry Cover

This is how we’re fashionizing our fluff. How about you?

**We will not be voting on a topic for next week as I have posts for the next several weeks after your responses for last week**

Next Friday: Cooking Series (5 day series on cooking with Coconut Flour)

April 26th: The Weight Loss Challenge (How to Dress While Losing Weight)

May 3rd: Shoes, Shoes, and More Shoes (How to Accessorize Your Summer Shoe Attire)


Ideas from YOU- Fashion Friday Series April 5, 2013


In line with what I did on Wednesday, I am wanting to hear from YOU what you want to hear from ME for Fashion Friday. There were no votes last week which led me to think that maybe the topics I was listing weren’t topics that interested you. So…here’s your opportunity!

In the comment section below, enter one, two or twenty topics you would like to hear from me that have to do with Fashion Friday. It can be things for your kids, yourself, your husband, your dog, whoever! As long as they’re realistic, I will do ALL of them over the course of the next few weeks (or months…depending on how many I get).

Let’s get started!