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What I’m Reading May 29, 2013

Photo from Penny for Them 1

Photo from Penny for Them 1

As many of you know from my post about my kindle, you know I love to read. I really hadn’t read too much in the past few years until I got it. I am seriously in love with it and the ability to read no matter where I am. Along with that, I’m reading a lot of blogs. I’m trying to grow as a mom, wife, and believer and have received a lot of encouragement there. Today I wanted to share with you what I have been reading and what I’ve thought.

“Don’t Make Me Count to Three!” by Ginger Plowman

I am absolutely crazy about this book. It is changing my life and our parenting. It’s gradual and one day at a time, but we’re learning how to be the parents we really feel like we’re suppose to be. It really is a great guide and comes from a humble writer. Ginger is the first to say that she doesn’t have parenting down to an art but it sharing where they are doing well and what not only works, but the Biblical way of parenting.

“Perfectly Paleo- 30 Unique and Delicious Paleo Diet Recipes” by Kelly Smith

This is another great find for us! I haven’t found a recipe in here that I don’t love and I love the nutritional benefits we find from eating paleo on occasion. If you are a paleo diet, interested in it, or just wanting to eat healthy, this is a great cookbook to get. You won’t regret it!

“Organic Food: Eating Organic on a Budget” by Fanny Seto

I really enjoyed this read. We’re working to eat healthy (not always organic) and what we’re found is that eating cheap can be expensive. If you’re not careful, you can end up killing your budget and making your finances a lot more stressful than you need to. We’re been there and done that. We are working hard to eat healthy in a way that we can afford. Sometimes this means we don’t do organic. Sometimes it means the food we’re eating may have GMOs in it. We are striving to NOT do this and avoid it when possible and this book has really helped me figure out where to cut costs.

“Natural Hospital Birth: The Best of Both Worlds” by Cynthia Gabriel

I’m going to be honest and tell you I have not finished this book yet. I’m almost halfway through and have taken it slow since I’m not pregnant yet and don’t expect to be having a baby in the next few months. My goal is to finish it prior to becoming pregnant again. As we continue to plan for a natural birth this time around, I’ve found that educating myself is probably the most important step (other than tons of prayer). JR is completely on board and I’m so grateful for his support. This book so far has really helped me out as I plan for a natural, hospital birth for our number 2, whenever that happens.

I Totally Get Why Angelina Jolie Had Her Breasts Removed from the Humbled Homemaker

ThThis was a favorite for me. I felt this post wasn’t really about what was right or wrong, but more about loving someone like Christ did no matter what decision they make. It was about cutting out judgment that it seemed like so many were doing shortly after this procedure. As a woman with two lines of breast cancer in my family history, I really needed and appreciated this post.

Baby Wearing Series from Stacy Makes Cents

We are a babywearing family. You know the saying- those who baby wear together, stay together. Well, not really the saying, but this series was GREAT! Stacy took time to review several different carriers- from mobys, to slings, to bobas, to ergos, and more! Be sure to check out these posts and guest posts from fellow blogger, Brandy.

On Being a Mother and a Time Traveler from Five Kids Is A Lot of Kids

I stumbled upon Beth several months ago and I’m pretty certain this is my favorite post she’s ever done. I cried. And cried. And cried some more. I get so caught up in what “use to be” and not enough of  “what is”. One day, I’m sure I’ll look back and wish I was in this moment again. When Emma is grown, JR and I are old and grey, and these days are just a memory. Cherish these moments. They are few and far between.

Natural Sources of Folic Acid from Red & Honey

I read this one over a month ago but had to include it. I just started prenatal vitamins a few months ago (I’m NOT prego people, seriously- just getting prepared) and after reading this, I am unsure I will continue them. It’s so important to have a balanced diet and if a balanced diet keeps me healthy and not needing prenatal vitamins, that’s probably the route I should go. I’m glad someone is blogging about these things!

This what I’ve been reading. What have YOU been reading?


Fashion Fixes- Fashion Friday Series March 29, 2013


It’s Fashion Friday! One of my favorite days of the week! Let me start by saying that I have including an AMAZING offer for you below from The Humbled Homemaker’s, Erin Odum. She has spent a lot of time and energy in creating the amazing ebook, Confessions of  a Cloth Diaper Convert. I received it yesterday and read it within just a few hours. I couldn’t stop! Right now, you can get the book for the introductory price of $9.95 and for this week only (through Sunday), you get $250 of coupons and special offers to go along with it! Jump on this quick, ladies and gentleman, because an offer like this doesn’t come around twice! All the links are below and you can also click on the picture to the right of this post on my blog page.

Anyways, let’s move on the Fashion Friday. Today, I want to share some tips with you on how to do Fashion Fixes and save some outfit that may have a few issues with them. Yes, all outfits eventually run into an issue or two and the most likely would be our kids outfits as they have extreme wear and tear. Here are some common problems and some ideas on how to fix them:

*Stains. If you have a stain, be sure to treat it right away if possible. A lot of people use those fancy tide to go pens. Since I’m not really a fan of tide anymore, I will use up the one I have and them get rid of it all together. I usually treat any stains once I get home with my vinegar spray bottle. Adding vinegar and even some borax to your wash cycle will do wonders! If the stain is still there after the wash, be sure to let it SUN DRY. Putting it in the dryer will set the stain and at this point, it will more than likely never come out. If the stain remains, repeat cycle for a couple times. You can check it out more at this post I did specifically on stains.

*Missing button. Missing buttons stink. It seems that they always fall of an important location versus a decorative or non-important location. If Emma had a button that fell off, I would try to make due with what we had for the time being. If we’re out and about, we would probably just go with the flow unless it affected her in discomfort or over exposure. In this case, I always carry an extra outfit. I will not be caught and about having to buy another outfit. At least not on a day when I’m in my right place and mind. At home, I would more than likely be able to repair this with my trusty mini repair kit.

*Hole in clothing. Let’s be honest here, if the hole is not too big or in an inappropriate place, I may just leave it. Holes are somewhat “in” depending on the outfit and where and some holes are more work than they’re worth. If they’re big or inappropriately located, I have two decisions to make. Is the hole worth being repaired? This being, did I pay enough for the outfit to invest in serious repair? And if so, I will let someone take it and repair it. This is beyond my personal skill set. Thus far, I have NOT had this issue happen. The next question I would ask is can this be transitioned into a sleep piece or play outfit? If the answer is yes, then it goes to it’s new home. If the hole is not really that bad and can be repaired but you don’t want to keep it, consider donating it to someone you may need clothes and is gifted enough to repair it themselves. I hate to throw something aware that someone may be able to use.

*Broken strap- I am not a seamstress by any means. I have tried and tried again and let’s be honest, my brother does better than me. No joke, I had a few buttons that came off my pants in high school and Erick would  be the one to sew them back on and them stay. Me? They’ll fall off again within a day. With broken straps, if I’m out and about I would invest in a small stash of mini safety pins. I’ll use them all up during the next Wee Cycle It so they won’t go to waste. I don’t carry them around with me because I honestly don’t have room for them. I’d end up putting them somewhere and finding them 10 years later in my purse. When I get home, believe it or not, I  CAN repair small things like this with my mini repair kit. I would do my best to find a similar fabric and if not, variety will add to the uniqueness.

*Find a friend who is a seamstress. If you know someone with the ability to sew, she (or he) needs to be a friend for life. This is a lost trade in recent years and a very valuable one at that. If you know someone, they will more than likely make your tiny repairs for a fraction of the cost or maybe even FREE! Let me advice you here to offer a little more than a “thanks!” A plate of cookies or brownies are always appreciated!

So what fashion fixes have you taken care of for your kids? Any advice?


Special Note from Erin Odum, the Humbled Homemaker (includes details of coupons and other deals)

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This book is over 200 pages long, and I tried to make it as thorough as possible. When I first started cloth diapering, I was so confused about all the information about cloth diapering. And I made just about every mistake in the book. I’ve written this handbook to save others the same frustration–and time researching!

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